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At any stage of life, the art of painting unveils a realm of joy and tranquility. Unite with loved ones by arranging a vibrant gathering with The Paint Social.

Let creativity flourish as you craft unforgettable moments, turning ordinary occasions into extraordinary celebrations.



Krishnna Sharrma is a creative luminary known for her diverse talents in Arts, Dance, and Photography. Her artistic journey encompasses various mediums like oils, watercolours, coffee-infused hues, acrylics, and charcoal sketches. Through photography, she captures abstract and natural elements, showcasing captivating travel scenes. In dance, she tells narratives through different forms. Her repertoire includes canvas paintings, murals, and live painting at Indian weddings, immortalising human emotions with brilliance.

Krishnna gained international recognition for collaborating on a mural for Kalaghoda Arts Festival with the American artist Joel Bergner in 2016. She has contributed to Arts and Crafts since 2014, showcasing her work in various events like Kitsch Mandi, Nariyal Pani Concert Tour, and more. Additionally, she worked on the set of the Bollywood film Raabta in 2017. She showcases her art at known venues like The Renaissance Hotel Mumbai and West10 Art Gallery, creating captivating pieces at festivals and art sanctuaries. Her social media acts as a gallery reflecting her diverse creations admired for over a decade.

Krishna, a prominent figure in esteemed artistic communities, now leads The Paint Social as its proprietor, curating lively painting events across India that embrace individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Her belief in the transformative power of art is evident: she sees within each brushstroke a haven of joy and tranquility, available at every stage of life. Proficient in organising artistic gatherings and drawing from a rich tapestry of diverse influences, she promises attendees an enchanting and festive artistic experience for any occasion.



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