About Us

#partylikeanartist with The Paint Social

The Paint Social (TPS) shakes up your day out with friends by offering you the artistic spirits.

TPS is not a painting school or a regular art class.

TPS is a social painting party of intimate non-judgemental gathering focused towards having fun and being yourself. You will experience an out of the ordinary evening where you bond over art with friends and soon to be friends. The idea of TPS is to make your own paintings and not to replicate the original. This happens anyway, because everyone's style is different, also we have an artist who teaches step-by-step to ensure everyone is at ease. Everyone has their own perception & that is the best form of creativity. We believe you will have a memorable experience in those few hours, for many of you may not have touched the paintbrush since school.

We cover the painting supplies and you cover your clothes with one of our fabulous signature The Paint Social aprons. (Hands, arms, and face are fair game!)

All you need to do is show up ready to have an awesome time, no painting experience needed! Just shed your inhibitions about making mistakes in painting & let loose! Nobody’s perfect.

Along with our weekly scheduled classes, we also host all types of parties for ALL ages! You can sign up for our weekly sessions on our website to our email thepaintsocial@gmail.com or call us. This is a great way to take your next happy hour, date, birthday or team building activity to the next MEMORABLE level!

Our Ethos :

Art holds a strong part in our Indian culture. The purpose of art is washing the daily life dust off our souls. There is no wrong or right when it comes to art. Be it writing, poetry, painting, dancing or cooking, all are various forms of art of expressing yourself. Amongst these, the primary form of art is painting that doesn't require experience. Painting itself has a very meditative, relaxing quality, and is an excellent form of self expression. Since times immemorial, man has expressed his view of the world using a brush and a canvas.

In today’s community, besides drinking, smoking, dancing and yapping, there is no better alternative to party so we thought ‘why not have a party that’s little party’.

How TPS started :

The Paint Social(TPS) started in May 2016 , is the brainchild of entrepreneur Ruchi Mehta (Biotech & MBA graduate). Its her passion for painting as a hobby that led to the creation of TPS. TPS started off very first session by inviting friends to try it out, and most of them said they are “not creative”, “we are only here for food & drinks”, but in the end, they all enjoyed and painted! To their surprise, they found this session to be fun, de-stressing and therapeutic. They highly encouraged us to do this again, and we decided to incorporate TPS to take this to the next level.

Mostly those who have attended our sessions have always been less of the arty crowd, so it isn't intimidating. Few people who find themselves embarrassed at their own work often feel judged and stressed for which they stop pursuing painting as they feel that it is not their cup of tea. Well TPS is here to change all of that.

So why wait? Have a party coming up? Or someone’s birthday? Grab your friends/colleagues and your sense of humor and spend two hours of munching, sipping, laughing and flexing your creative muscles. Come and be a part of The Paint Social to unleash your inner Picasso.


  • What TPS provides :

    We will provide all the art essentials you need to help ignite your creativity, so you don’t have to worry about a thing and we clean up the mess! As a bonus, you get to learn painting and carry your masterpiece with you.

  • How TPS works :

    The painting you recreate is pre-decided by giving you many options. You will be taken from a blank canvas to your visual expression masterpiece. After you are done, our experts will analyze your painting and assist you in further enhancing your work. Even if you find yourself unable to draw anything, our experts will take you in the right direction. Just shed your inhibitions about making mistakes in painting & let loose! Nobody’s perfect.

  • Who can attend TPS sessions?


  • When are these sessions typically held?

    Most sessions are held on Friday and Saturday evenings, with a few morning/afternoon sessions in between. They typically last about 2 – 2 1/2 hours with frequent breaks.

  • Why choose TPS :

    We are affordable. We have designed the package to suit you, the painter’s needs. We want this to be a self-sustainable thing, and therefore have prudently designed the package to include everything from the cost of materials to artist’s fees and food and beverages.

    Besides hosting public events in the city, TPS organises date nights and private painting parties for bachelorettes, corporates, kitty parties, birthday parties, baby showers and more. More than that, we aim to give you a unique experience that can only be associated with us. TPS aims to establish itself as a powerful brand in independent arts & entertainment.

  • How to book TPS :

    Because of limited seating, signing up in advance is always recommended. You can book your spot(s) & date via email or contact form or by phone. Early registration is encouraged as sessions have both a minimum and maximum registration. If a session is sold out, please give us a call and we will try to accommodate you as best as possible.

    You can also block your space with your friends together. Simply include a note in the comment section when you register/call and specify whose party you’re in.

  • What do I wear for TPS session?

    While we will provide aprons, we recommend wearing something you wouldn’t mind getting paint on- just in case! Remember - we are using acrylic paints so be sure to leave nice jackets and purses at home! TPS cannot be held responsible for any paint damage.

  • What time do I need to arrive for a TPS session?

    We recommend arriving 15-20 minutes early to get registered, settled at your seat, and get some food and beverages ordered.

  • What is TPS cancellation policy?

    We ask you to give us 48 hours notice if you need to cancel. Cancellations should be made via email or by phone. This provides us the opportunity to fill the space for someone else.

  • When does the new schedule for TPS come out?

    We try to post the schedule at least two weeks in advance. “LIKE” us on Facebook or join our email list to get a sneak peak of the monthly calendar before the online posting.

  • Questions still not answered?

    Feel free to fill out our simple contact form or email thepaintsocial@gmail.com for any questions not found on this page!